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2016 Plot Results
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Terning Seeds

2016 Test Plot Facts

• McLeod County - 1st and 3rd
• Pope County - 2nd out of 63
• Meeker County - 1st in ROI (conv)
• SDNE Summary - 1st out of 54
• Wright County - 77 bu/ac Soybeans

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Genuity RR2Y Soybeans

At Terning Seeds, we have many different varieties of soybeans for our customers.

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RR2 Xtend, GT and Conventional Soybeans

View and explore our most popular RR2 Xtend, GT and Conventional soybeans!

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Liberty Link Soybeans

View and explore our most popular liberty link soybeans!

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Characteristics Chart

View our Soybean Characteristics Chart and comparisons with other Terning Seeds brands.

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CruiserMaxx Beans applied with Vibrance protects soybeans against a broad spectrum of harmful seed - and foliar-feeding insects, and all major seedborne and soilborne fungal disease pathogens.

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